You’ve got mail for Clarinet and Piano の音源

先日ニューヨークで演奏された「You’ve got mail for Clarinet and Piano」の音源です。


Saturday, May 18th, 3 pm
Queens New Music Festival
The Secret Theatre
Thomas Piercy:Clarinet
Mika Tanaka:Piano

You’ve got mail for clarinet and piano
Yuichi Matsumoto

This piece is written based on the “Enquete-art”(Questionnaire Art) composition theory. “Enquete-art” is my work: Enquete-art uses surveys to gather opinions from many people; these answers are then presented in a work transformed into music. Various parts of speech (e.g. noun, adverb, preposition etc.) are each assigned their own individual pitches and the length of each part of speech becomes rhythm thus resulting in a melody.
This music in this particular piece is generated using spam mail.Questionnaire to be used in Enquete-art is the opinion for someone to read, spam mail to be used in this piece is a text that is hardly read.The both text have a structure communicate as a message, and the audience listen the text as a music.