What is twitter music?

Twitter is a communication service that allows individual users to post and view short messages called “tweets”. twitter music is composed by converting tweets into melodies in real time. The twitter music uses the compositional technique of my work called “survey art” to convert the tweets into melodies. The questionnaire art composition technique is a method of composing a melody by breaking down a sentence into parts of speech, assigning a sound to each part of speech, and deciding the rhythm based on the length of the broken down words.

When a participant participates in twitter music, he or she sends out tweets with the melody in mind, so the person’s followers (people who have registered that person to read his or her tweets) perceive that he or she is doing something and join the twitter music in an onlooker-like manner. I think there is a possibility that new encounters will be created among the participants. In fact, when a famous composer participated in twitter music, twitter users who had registered the composer found out about twitter music, and the number of participants quickly grew to nearly 700.

 Introduction video

2010年 Formant Brothers’ Presentation Dojo Honorable Mention, Atsushi Sasaki Selection

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