About Japan playing on web


An interactive musical work using a questionnaire about Japan.


This is still a test operation. Please help us by filling out the questionnaire.


You can play here.

アンケート・アートのニッポン An interactive musical work using a questionnaire about Japan.


Also, your answers in the following form will be reflected as they are.

ニッポンのアンケートフォームへ questionnaire form about Japan.


There are a good amount of past responses, so you may not be able to see your own answers right away.

Unityで制作し、回答データはgoogle スプレッドシートに記録されています。

It was created in Unity and the response data is recorded in a google spreadsheet.

日本語の形態素解析 Japanese POS Tagger  :  Yahoo API
英語の形態素解析 English POS Tagger :  Text Processing API
自動翻訳 Automatic translation   :  DeepL API


The WebGL created in Unity accesses the spreadsheet data at startup and every 5 minutes.


It seems that UnityWebRequest is reading the spreadsheet as it is in csv format. I’d like to paste the exported WebGL, but it seems to be due to the network CORS settings, and I’m not able to paste it into the site. What should I do?