I’ve been creating enquete-art mainly from Japanese texts, but I’ve also been creating songs from English texts for overseas audiences. The English text is a spam mail that I received. The basic rules are the same as in survey art, but instead of just mapping parts of speech to pitches, I also map parts of speech to melody. So far, it has been composed for clarinet and piano and performed in Japan and the United States. I would like to develop this piece for various instrumentation.


Various messages are mass-produced, reproduced, and flooded on the Internet. Most of the information is not only accurate and meaningful, but also uncertain and harmful. Our email software and browsers are filtered to prevent us from receiving harmful or irrelevant information on our devices. As a result, spam mails are excluded and search results are displayed according to the user’s interests such as recommended products. This helps us to avoid being exposed to harmful or irrelevant information. We are deprived of the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, the experience to listen to many opinions, and the ability to judge whether information is good or bad, and we live our lives receiving only controlled information. This song is generated from the text of spam mails that are usually hidden from our sight, and the text of spam mails is converted into music and at the same time, the text is read out loud. By exposing what has been hidden from our sight, new problems of modern society are brought to light.

It is a compositional method based on the structure of sentences, which breaks down the English text of spam mails sent to me into parts of speech, assigns pitch and melody to each part of speech, and creates rhythm and melody from the length of words.

SPAM A LOT for Clarinet and Piano

1.You’ve Got Mail – ユー・ガット・メール(2013)

2.Trading Place – 大逆転(2014)

3.From Russia with Love – ロシアより愛を込めて(2014)